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Instructor, Northern California

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FiDi SoMa Marina
It’s You against You!

I’m a Bay Area native who grew up playing multiple sports. I take that athletic training into each and every one of my classes by incorporating various strength, stability, and power movements. Every small victory from a client inspires me to work harder and return the favor. It isn’t always about just losing weight, it’s about being proud in the small, consistent wins — one dumbbell size up, mastering a dead lift, recovering better on runs, or simply feeling healthier. Helping others achieve their goals (physical or otherwise) so that they can live a healthier and happier life is what motivates me every day!

My inspiration
Seeing people push through their weaknesses inspires me to work harder and do better in every class and workout
Guilty pleasure
Vegging out on the couch in my pajamas and eating junk food (yes, this happens on rare occasions!)
Class music style
Heavy hitting beats that’ll keep you moving and bring out that inner badass (i.e. Yellow Claw, Rick Ross, DJ Khaled)