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Instructor, Northern California

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FiDi SoMa Marina
You won't truly succeed until you fail... that's being alive.

I was born in Tampa, FL where my folks opened a Dunkin Donuts franchise. It wasn’t long before my pop put me to work and instilled within me a strong work ethic and husky build. I was definitely that kid wearing the t-shirt in the pool. Eventually, emulating my brother and his athletic nature, I soon discovered how sports, fitness and the right nutrition could help me feel empowered. I attended college at the University of Central Florida and worked at the school’s Recreation & Wellness Center for 4 years. Shortly after this time, I had an opportunity to step into fitness professionally and I haven’t looked back. I get to inspire people everyday, motivating them to step outside their comfort zone and to feel accomplished and alive!

My inspiration
My older brother - he and his friends would sneak me into their college gym and it's been my sanctuary ever since
Dream Barry’s location
One of my favorite escapes - Key West, Florida
My ‘last sprint’ mantra
Don't fail to try. Try to fail.