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Be better than what you were the day before.

Training is my biggest passion. I have a background in many forms of exercise, but Barry’s is my favorite way to train. It is the right combination of weightlifting, running intervals, and a motivational push. Not to mention, the fun environment and accountability from the community is what got me hooked. Barry’s leaves me with this unbelievable emotional high, always putting a big smile on my face. I’m motivated to give each workout my all, leaving the Red Room stronger than when I entered. Let’s call it my HAPPY PLACE, and now I invite you to share this amazing experience with me.

My inspiration
People who are brave enough to make changes and try something new.
Guilty pleasure
Class music style
A variety of motivating, upbeat music to inspire faster runs and heavier lifting. But, no hard rock...I leave the Rockin' in the Red Room all up to you!