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Taryn B

Instructor, Los Angeles

Come join my endorphin party… it’s kind of like therapy but you leave with a banging bod.


Fitness has always been a huge part of my life. As a kid, I worked out 7 hours a day training as an Elite Gymnast. I went on to be a college cheerleader at The University of Texas (HOOK EM!) where I learned that extra cardio balances out extra cocktails. I love fitness because it centers me in a way unlike anything else and makes me feel incredible. I think everyone deserves to feel incredible… and to have an extra cocktail. 

My inspiration
I find people who are perseverant to be wildly inspiring.
Guilty pleasure
garbage reality TV. Please find me if you want to discuss.
Class music style
Eclectic and the most fun. Fleetwood Mac meets Rihanna.