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Steven H

Instructor, Los Angeles

A strong heart is a grateful heart. Ground yourself in gratitude.

A Chicago born California transplant, I’m no stranger to real weather…or a real (sweaty) workout. 

I’m a lifelong athlete with a passion for health, fitness, and the lives they change.  Having gone through life as my own personal “case study,” I’ve learned what works…along with many things that don’t.  After dealing with intermittent health issues for the better part of my teen and young adult life, culminating in a heart condition that nearly ended my career (and life), I dedicated myself to the study of health in all it’s aspects, gaining proficiency as a personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, and nutritional therapist. 

 Health is holisticBody, Mind, and Souland fitness is merely part of that whole.  Although my “study” is ongoing my passion is still going strong, as you’ll discover each and every class!  All you need is passion and drive.  Bring one.  Bring both.  We’ll get better together! 

My inspiration
The little things… A smile. A word of encouragement. Kindness. We all have so much to offer, should we choose to give.
Go-to snack
Pancakes and Maple Syrup...stacks on stacks :)
I catch people checking out my...
My Hair! From Joker inspired toxic green (not my best look) to Red Room crimson, not to mention full-fledged dreadlocks at one point... I’ve had a number of “looks” over the years. Don’t be surprised if you notice a few different dos...and/or a lot of hats ;)