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Instructor, Chicago

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Lincoln Park River North
My workout will leave you feeling you can conquer the world.

I believe the fitness journey has no end or peak… there’s always room to grow and build up your resilience. My goal is to help you forget everything else when you come into the red room and to push you to your ultimate limit. My workout will give you a challenge that’ll leave you feeling strong, sore, and limitless.

When I’m not teaching or working out, you’ll find me singing and playing my guitar. You may or may not catch me singing and dancing along in class while you’re crushing it. If you want that change to happen you gotta work for it. Nobody can do it, but you! So it’s time to MAKE. IT. HAPPEN.

My inspiration
Hard work. When it comes down to that final moment and everybody else is quitting, that's when the hard workers come out and show how much they truly want it!
Guilty pleasure
Sitting down with a pint of Halo Top ice cream and binge watching Netflix.
Favorite day for class
Definitely Double Floor on Abs day! But teaching-wise I love my Full Body Weekend crew!