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Shelley S

Instructor, Seattle & Washington

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When the Red Room doors close, it’s your chance to wipe the slate clean with sweat.

As a multi-sport athlete and Division 1 track & field pole-vaulter, fitness has never been an option; it’s always been a lifestyle. Prior to joining the Barry’s San Francisco team in 2016, I was traveling across the country to inspire and train new teachers in the fitness industry. I carry my passion for fitness and athleticism into my classes to create an environment that enables clients to feel powerful in their own ability to make positive changes in their lives — not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. I love the feeling of power, strength, and pushing boundaries. I challenge clients to do the same and get comfortable with being uncomfortable!

My inspiration
Breakthrough moments. I’m inspired by people who allow their downfalls and low points to become their greatest comebacks.
Go-to snack
Popcorn. Always.
Guilty pleasure
Chocolate. And it’s not guilty if you don’t feel bad about it.