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Sarah W

Instructor, London

Believe you can and you will!

I’ve competed competitively in sports my whole life, playing everything from county netball, to tennis, athletics, lacrosse and have also spent plenty of time in the water becoming a Master Scuba Diver. I understand ambition and drive which also led me to win a national pageant last year representing the United Kingdom.

I was working in PR and was a client of Barry’s when I first fell in love with the workout. A couple of years later I moved to doing the PR for Barry’s and now am proud to call myself a Barry’s instructor.

I believe that you can be anything you want to if you put your mind to it. I want to motivate you and help you reach those goals, and I want you to achieve your full potential. Self belief and a positive attitude is EVERYTHING! BELIEVE YOU CAN AND YOU WILL!

My inspiration
My mum, every single Barry's Trainer and all the clients who show commitment and determination every single time they walk through those doors. I'm lucky that I'm surrounded every day with people who inspire me in all areas of my life.
Favorite day for class
Arms and abs. Always. My Monday workout sets the tone for the rest of my week
My ‘last sprint’ mantra
You got this….DO. NOT. STOP!
I catch people checking out my...
...well if I had eyes at the back of my head ;)