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Sarah R

Instructor, London

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London SW1 London Central
Get comfortable being uncomfortable – the best things happen when you step outside of your comfort zone.

I’m a client first. When I moved to London, I used Barry’s as an outlet to blow off steam after a long day behind a desk. Noticing almost immediate changes in my body and my running, I quickly became addicted (it is the best workout in the world after all)! Fast forward three years later, and here I am.

There are a lot of moving parts that make Barry’s the best workout in the world and being a client first, I always think about what I would want in a class. My classes combine smart programming with killer beats to enhance the whole experience, allowing you to slip off into the “zone” and 60 minutes later you’re wondering where the time went.

I catch people checking out my...
Curls…. Look but don’t touch please ;-)
My ‘last sprint’ mantra
What needs to be true right now to achieve what you came here to achieve?
Favorite day for class
Monday – No better way to fire through the week than with loaded guns