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Sara W

Instructor, Stockholm

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Real progress takes place only when you step out of your comfort zone. So start to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

I’m an island girl, born and raised in Åland. Nowadays living on a small Island in the Stockholm archipelago. I grew up doing gymnastics and later spent many years running track. The last couple of years I’ve also competed in crossfit. I have always loved to be physically active and have wanted to inspire others to do the same. After doing my studies in sport management at Bosön I also got my PT certification and have been working full time with personal training for the last 7 years. I love seeing my clients work hard and achieving their goals. The biggest output in my profession is seeing my clients grow in strength and confidence.

When it comes to my own training I prefer to do it fast and heavy. I love powerlifting and still compete in short distance track. Hopefully I can inspire you to go heavier and faster than ever before.

My inspiration
I love to watch and train with athletes who devote their life to being the greatest at what they do and keep improving.
Guilty pleasure
As we say in sweden, I’m a real ”godisråtta” (candy-rat)!
My superpower
Dynamic mode! ;)