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Samantha S

Instructor, London

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Never let your self be 'type cast' or compare yourself to others, I will guide you to being the best version of you.

Sam has had a passion for sport since the day that she could walk. She has competed at various levels in football, tennis, swimming, athletics and netball. She has also coached in the UK and US in football and tennis.

She traveled the world teaching marine science and scuba diving after university and decided to return to her passion for fitness once settling back in London. As well as her deep routed love of sport, Sam loves nothing more than working in a job where she can inspire, motivate, build confidence and change people lives.

She is small, but freaking feisty.

My inspiration
Dr Sylvia Earle, Serena Williams, Michelle Obama, Jane Fonda, my mum, my mother-in law
Guilty pleasure
Good vodka with coconut water
Favorite day for class
Arms and abs: Getting the week started flexed and fired up and full body weekend days to finish on a high with feeling every muscle worked
My ‘last sprint’ mantra
Don’t think about it just hustle with everything left in your soul