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Aventura Miami Beach
Don’t let road blocks or walls get in your way.

I make it a priority to stay at the forefront of fitness trends and wellness knowledge. My classes are not for the meek. While one may experience brief glimpses into my personality and of my sense of humor, I ensure that the crux of my class is based on motivation and a focus on results. I believe the biggest secret to fitness is moving one’s body once a day, for at least a “sweaty 30 minutes.” As far as nutritional regimen, I’ve become quite the health-conscious chef, advocating for the importance of clean eating and fresh ingredients.

My inspiration
Hard work from both my clients and peers — it’s what inspires me to aim higher!
Guilty pleasure
I love me a good lazy day with good food and good friends
Certifications & credentials
AAPT Certified; TRX Certified; Rehab Essentials Certified; NSCA Certified Personal Trainer (in progress)
And finally...
Ranked as one of the Top 3 bootcamp instructors of 2012 by; Ranked as the Hottest Male Trainer of 2013 by Racked