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London West
If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it.

I was always part of a team growing up. It taught me discipline and hard work and I lived for the thrill of the sport. Living in Boston my love of fitness continued to grow and I became a fitness instructor in 2011, and then my life changed when owners Barry’s Boston owners Dustin Martin and Brian Weller recruited me to join the Barry’s Boston team in 2013. My attitude is to do what you love with energy and passion every single day. I’m here to push you in my classes, to be physically fit and mentally tough.

My inspiration
Athletes inspire me. Commitment and dedication to a sport, fitness, or overall well-being. Perseverance is a beautiful thing. So are strong women who lift and support each other. Oh, and Beyoncé is my spirit animal.
Guilty pleasure
Pizza and Coffee Oreo Ice Cream. Preferably in that order.
Class music style
Pop and throwbacks. I love a good remix, mashup, or themed playlist!
Dream Barry’s location
Barcelona... Hola Bootcampers! #barrysandtapas