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Instructor, New York City

Get that 1 hour of Barry’s in your body!

I’ve been in fitness since I could walk. After making a name for myself in the entertainment industry, I realized that fitness is my purpose and passion in life. It’s been the foundation for every area of my life, so I decided to make it my career. I’ve worked for Barry’s for almost 10 years, earning the title of Master Trainer. I truly believe it’s the best workout in the world!

My instructional style is a direct reflection of my character — tough but fair. I challenge bootcampers to give more each time and strive towards new personal bests. My playlists always have at least one or two killer throwbacks which you’ve forgotten you love.

My superpower
I am Supernat!
Favorite day for class
Full body!
Certifications & credentials
AFAA Certified; TRX Certified; Master Instructor for Barry's Bootcamp; Master Instructor for Jillian Michaels' Bodyshred