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Molly G

Instructor, Sydney

Why be moody when you can shake your booty?

I was born in the USA. Working as a model in New York, I was an avid group fitness junkie and discovered Barry’s. After my first Red Room experience, I was immediately hooked. For the past two years I have loved calling Sydney home, but missed that feeling I got from the Red Room. I was thrilled, to say the least, when I learned of Barry’s coming Down-Under. Becoming a Barry’s Instructor was almost like a calling for me after my time there in the USA and acareer move into fitness. With my Pilates background, you can expect that deep, shaking muscle burn with a giant dose of intensity. Get ready to work hard, have some serious fun and lose yourself in my class.  

My inspiration
When clients smash their own expectations and go beyond what they thought was possible!
Favorite day for class
Hardcore Abs, obviously.
My superpower
Ability to trip over anything.