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Michelle L.

Instructor, Toronto

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Come sweat with me and I’ll guarantee you a kick ass class and a killer playlist.

Growing up, I was always very active and participated in most sport teams throughout grade school. My family always encouraged me to pursue a fitness career but I decided to follow my “gut” and go to culinary school. After spending 5 years sweating it out in the kitchen, I finally decided fitness was my true calling. I hung up my apron, put on my tights and never looked back. 3 years ago, I took my first Barry’s class and immediately fell in love. I’ve been dreaming of the day Barry’s would eventually call Canada home. Now I can’t wait for everyone to drink the Kool-Aid and SPRINT with me.

Guilty pleasure
Big Mac Meal + Diet Coke & extra Mac Sauce
Favorite day for class
Monday and Thursday!
Dream Barry’s location