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Levi D

Instructor, Sydney

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Martin Place Surry Hills
Fitness is food for the body and music is food for the soul – who’s hungry?

Working out has been a passion of mine since my early teens. It gave me not only razor-sharp focus and a great physique, but also mental strength, confidence and positive attitude that I now apply to every facet of my life. It’s also brought me from the UK to this beautiful city of Sydney and now, to you.

In every class, I’ll be making sure that the qualities that fitness gave me are given to you. My goal is to have my Barry’s workouts positively change your life.

Music is food for the soul. It’s a huge part of who I am and what makes me tick. Expect carefully curated playlists that cover the musical spectrum. It will make you push harder, go beyond your limits and give you that natural high that will make you want to reach for the nearest Shazam button (don’t though – no phones in the Red Room please).

My inspiration
Oprah’s Soul Sunday always gets me inspired and in the zone for a new week!
Guilty pleasure
Oreos, lots and lots of Oreos.
Favorite day for class
Has to be CHABS (Chest Back & Abs)