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Kristy C

Instructor, Toronto

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Born and raised in Winnipeg, I grew up immersed in the competitive dance world. What started out as looking for ways to stay in shape post-dance quickly turned into discovering my drive and passion for fitness and the ability to share that feeling with others through personal training and teaching group fitness. 

My training style is fun and energetic but I’m also a stickler for proper form. I will push you out of your comfort zone, to always give me that extra 1%, and together we will make leaps and bounds towards your goals. Music is a huge part of my class and nothing beats a perfectly timed beat drop to push your sprints to the max and help get you through those challenging moments. 

 I guarantee you will leave class feeling like you can accomplish anything, both inside and outside of the red room. 

My inspiration
When I see clients in class push themselves past what they thought was possible.
Guilty pleasure
Pizza & wine, preferably at the same time.
My ‘last sprint’ mantra
Whatever you have left, leave it here…in this room, on this treadmill.