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Instructor, Northern California

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FiDi SoMa Marina
Empower your mind, body, and soul.

I was born and raised in the Bay Area. After various jobs in the tech world, I found my true passion in fitness and I’ve been teaching group classes for the last 2-½ years. I stand by a simple mantra — in order to change your body, you must challenge your body. I’m always encouraging my clients to step out of their comfort zone. I believe an efficient workout allows you to transcend your day-to-day life and reach a whole new level of fitness, fueled by positive energy and a boundless supply of endorphins. Get ready to leave my class with a smile on your face and a new member of your FitFam!

My inspiration
My 95-year-old Grandma, aka my best friend. I live to make her proud.
Guilty pleasure
Binge watching YouTube videos in bed.