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Karoline P

Instructor, Gothenburg

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Once you’ve been BARRY’D, you’ll be wanting more.

Ever since I was young, sports have been a huge part of my life. Soccer was my biggest passion throughout my youth but when I turned 18 I suffered a major injury. As bad as it was, it also presented me with opportunities to explore the gym and that’s when I got introduced to the fitness lifestyle.

I love working out on a daily basis. I got my personal trainer degree five years ago; since then, I added a nutrition degree. I feel inspired helping others feel better and become stronger.

My first impression of BARRY’S was MAGICAL. I LOVED IT. It’s not only the workout, but the community and the feeling I experienced when I entered the Red Room. I cannot wait for each of you to experience that same magic!

My inspiration
Helping my clients succeed in reaching their goals.
Go-to snack
I’m a ketchup addict.