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Kanu U

Instructor, New York City

Push the limits and reap the rewards. Never settle for yesterday's best.

A native of New Jersey, my early college days of football and rugby led me to develop an intense affinity for the gym and building strength. While working as a software developer, my love for fitness even consumed my lunch breaksas they were spent in the gym.  Now that I’m a part of the Barry’s fam I am happy to say that health and fitness  now consumes my life in the best way. 

My inspiration
My parents instilled an insane drive in me from early on. Remembering that everyone is out there chasing their goals makes me want to always push harder.
Go-to snack
Any type of cookie; a combination of peanut butter and chocolate being the cliche
I catch people checking out my...
My butt! Yes, definitely a great deal genetics, but these squats definitely do help.