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Instructor, Nashville

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It’s the most fun you’ll have while getting your ass kicked.

I’ve been doing personal and group training for over ten years now and I’ve been with Barry’s for over four of those years.

I always try to be at the top of my game, especially when it comes to sarcasm and flirtation. If you’re not smiling in life, then I’ll fix that!

Come along and let me kick your ass. Honestly, you’ll love it.

There’s no way to live life unless it’s to the fullest. And if that means a good ass-kicking for an hour in a hot red room full of sweaty bodies and slammin’ tunes, so be it.

My inspiration
Watching clients set their goals and then destroy them.
Guilty pleasure
Keep all the cakes, snacks and candy. Just give me the tequila.
Class music style
I’ll take it from old school hip-hop to dance music mash-ups.