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Jonathan Fagerlund

Instructor, Stockholm

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When it burns, let it burn.

The rush of adrenaline I got as a kid when I placed my feet into the starting blocks at my first 60 m sprint is something I can still remember. Since that moment I’ve been hooked, not only on short sprints, but on constantly challenging my body to get better, faster and stronger. With ten years in group fitness, a music career and traveling the world as a private trainer/nutritionist I’ve not only been nominated as PT of the year, but also been trying to figure out just what it is that makes that fitness magic happen. Four years ago, at my first Barry’s class in LA, I found just that. Expect blasting pop tunes, great vibes and adrenaline rush. All I need from you is a promise to give it your best – and the rest we’ll do together.

My inspiration
My clients, my friends, the eagerness to get started in the eyes of the regulars and the excitement of the first timers.
Favorite day for class
Don't we all love the weekends really?
Class music style
Pop, epic remixes and topping off with whatever pushes me that extra repetition that day.