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Jessie A

Instructor, Boston

I’m here to challenge you, to help you feel like the badass you truly are, and to support you as you accomplish goals you once thought impossible.

My passion for fitness is deeply rooted in my love for dance and athletic training. As a native of Costa Rica, I grew up playing beach sports and spent all of my extra time in the dance studio. I’ve dedicated the past 12+ years to dance and fitness and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

My inspiration
My clients are my biggest inspiration--without a doubt. There’s nothing better than seeing you all crush a killer workout and walk out of that red room with a little extra swag in your step.
Class music style
My music matches my class style: challenging, high-energy and fun as hell. Expect heavy beat drops, hip hop throwbacks, and a dash of Latin spice.
Guilty pleasure
Extra guac, snap backs, and a fresh pair of kicks.