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Instructor, Bærum/Oslo

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Sandvika Oslo
The magic happens outside your comfort zone!

I have a Diploma in Personal Training L3 from Train Fitness in London, and currently doing level 4 and 5 in Obese, Diabetics and Life coacing.
I used to weigh an extra 25lbs, I hated my body and felt quite depressed. I decided to turn it around, I completely changed my diet and started exercising 6 times a week. I got fit, better confidence and felt amazing. THAT feeling is priceless, and now I’m a PT to help others feel the same. There is nothing more rewarding as a PT when your clients get results and are overly excited about their new and healthier lifestyle. My philosophy is: Your body is your home, treat it like it! Eat clean, train hard, get OUT of your comfort zone and be the best version of yourself! People train with a PT for different reasons, I find out yours and together we will achieve your goals.

My inspiration
Good music on a sunny day with people that gives me laughter & positive energy:)