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Hayley B

Instructor, Manchester

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Manchester MCR
Everyone is on a journey.  Dedicate yourself to becoming the best version of you.

With a history in dance, sports & functional training, it’s safe to say I have always LOVED fitness. Discovering the Barrys workout was pure magic. I feel like it combines all the aspects of what I think fitness it all about. Working hard, self-progression, community & having fun! When I found out Barry’s was moving up north I needed to be part of it. I love motivating others, seeing people’s’ confidence flourish & feeling the amazing vibes you can only get from a Barry’s class. Don’t be fooled by my kind eyes & innocent smile…When it’s time to work, I mean business.

My inspiration
My family who constantly encourage, support and believe that I can achieve anything I set my sights on.
Favorite day for class
Full body - nothing better than feeling every muscle in your body has been worked!
I catch people checking out my...
My small feet haha! ..and booty gainz ;)