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Harry S

Instructor, London

Some days you work hard, other days you work smart... in my class, we do both.

Hi my names Harry, no not like the Wizard or the Prince, but if you Potter around in my class… you’ll be Royally fu%^*d. Jokes aside, I take my training incredibly seriously. I have been a Men’s Health Cover Model and have completed an Ironman, so I know what it takes to look good AND what it feels like to push the boundaries of physical performance. My mantra is simple: good technique beats high reps every day of the week and if you can do it with a smile on your face… even better. 

My inspiration
Seeing people step outside of their comfort zone and confront their fears head on.
My ‘last sprint’ mantra
Run hard, leave nothing in the tank so you can walk out with a smile on your face!
I catch people checking out my...
other clients, wondering how I got them into such amazing shape.