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Instructor, Miami

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Midtown Miami Beach
An amazing playlist and contagious energy!

My fitness journey has been defined by my struggle with being overweight my entire life… I could spend hours telling you about my body transformation. But what truly helped me eventually shed the pounds was a positive attitude. In my class, I share this contagious energy in order to motivate clients to push through the challenge.  

When I first found Barry’s, I instantly fell in love. I said to myself, “I will be an instructor here one day, this is where I belong.” Not only will you see me on the mic while teaching class, but you’ll also catch me on a treadmill running right next to you. I still take other instructors’ classes almost everyday…  sometimes twice a day.

This is the place I love most! I know what it’s like to work hard for what you want and I’m committed to helping you do the same.

Certifications & credentials
NASM-CPT, Professional Boxer & Boxing Coach
Go-to snack
Peanut butter - 1 scoop will kill that hunger and stop any acid reflux
And finally...
Voted Miami’s Hottest Trainer 2015!