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Instructor, Northern California

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FiDi SoMa Marina
Get ready to work as one team… fist bump your neighbor and sprint when that beat drops.

I was born and raised in the Bay Area and I’ve always had a passion for fitness and wellness. Although I grew up horseback riding and running, I found myself losing track of my personal and professional goals. I decided to commit myself to a clean and healthy lifestyle and I haven’t looked back since. My passion for optimal living eventually led me to a plant-based diet where I discovered that not only do I feel incredible on a daily basis, but it has allowed me to function at peak athletic performance. I’ve since introduced many others to a vegan lifestyle. Building a community and getting to know my clients is what means the most to me. When you come to my class, you can expect a badass playlist and an unforgettable energy.

My inspiration
The satisfying feeling of hard work
Go-to snack
Dried mango or figs, date coconut rolls
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