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Freddie R

Instructor, London

Success starts and finishes in the mind.

I’m still very new to all this. It’s all happened very quickly and I guess I fell into the fitness game by luck. I was living and working as an actor in New York and LA for 5 years but had always been extremely competitive athletically. I moved back to London and I went to Barry’s a couple of times to blow off some steam. After about 3 classes, I was hooked. A few lightbulbs went off in my head and I said to myself ‘I want to work here. I think I could do this. This is the type of community and industry I want to make a mark in.’ The next day I made some calls and following a couple months of hard, hard work, I was a trainer. I cannot wait to share that same feeling with you in Red Room. 

My inspiration
Elite level athletes. They were all, at one point, just like you and I but decided they didn’t want to just be good. They wanted to be special and made big time sacrifices in their lives to achieve that. No one is born elite. It’s a mindset, it’s a work ethic and I see no reason why my clients and I can’t strive for the same.
Guilty pleasure
Fish and Chips.....and Country Western music.
My ‘last sprint’ mantra
Your body is the engine, your mind is the engineer. Find your ‘why’, focus on that and no excuse will come between you and your goal.