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Eva R.

Instructor, Toronto

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Fitness and wellness is a lifestyle. 
I Kickstarted my career as the creator of Body Conditioning by Dancers, My love of movement has provided the foundation for every step I’ve taken. I have been recognized as Canada’s first Nike Master Trainer, awarded with Nike’s Global MC of the year and Equinox’s Award of Excellence. Becoming a founding trainer for Barry’s Bootcamp Canada in an absolute dream and I cannot wait to share the journey with each and every one of my clients.
My inspiration
the people around me, the Barry’s community, who are reaching for big goals and stepping outside of comfort zones. 
My ‘last sprint’ mantra
Remember why you started! Remembering your intention connects you to the persistence and determination to see any goal – big or small – through to the end.
Guilty pleasure
Espresso: But I only drink coffee on days ending in