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Colin O

Instructor, Los Angeles

How you do anything is how you do everything!

I love pushing myself to be my absolute best. I’ve been a competitive athlete my entire life including being an NCAA swimmer and Iron Man triathlete. I know the techniques, dedication, and drive it takes to achieve your fitness goals.

I finally found Barry’s Bootcamp after trying countless group fitness classes and being let down by the workouts not being challenging enough. Barry’s, on the other hand, was really challenging and super motivating to me.

I got my personal training certification through NCEP and worked as a personal trainer before joining the #FitFam.

It’s my goal to use my experience as an athlete to motivate you to not only reach your personal fitness goals, but to break through them, and get you in the absolute best shape of your life!!

Go-to snack
hummus on anything
Class music style
The best dance, pop, and hip hop remixes that are guaranteed to get you hyped up for the best workout of your life.