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Clayton B

Instructor, Los Angeles

If it’s not a “hell yes”, then it’s a “no”. Choose “hell yes” every time!

Hey ya’ll! I found fitness through my background in Gymnastics and Dance. I grew up working in Theatre in Raleigh, North Carolina, and when I wasn’t performing, I was staying active. Whether  hiking, swimming in the ocean or lake, I loved being active and on the go. I relocated to Los Angeles nearly ten years ago and found a sense of community in group fitness. The camaraderie and compassion it builds inspires me. I’ve found that group fitness allows people from different places, careers and dreams to find a common ground. I’m looking forward to finding that common thread with YOU.  

My inspiration
When I see people try something physically they’ve never done before without hesitation…and then, they nail it!
I catch people checking out my...
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