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It's not how hard you fall that counts; it's how hard you smile when you get back up

While working as a corporate lawyer in NYC, I started an undefeated amateur boxing run. I guess fighting came easily, but not always readily. Somewhere around the time my coach noticed that I apologized to my opponents every time I hit them too hard, I gained the moniker Chris “The Cuddly Canadian” and figured I’m better suited to helping people than hurting them.

Now, I motivate others to fight for their health and fitness goals – whether it’s strength and mobility or just getting lost in old-school rap for an hour (and feeling a lil’ sweatier about the day). As a Barry’s instructor, I guess I’m tough… in a cuddly way. Fist bumps and hugs always.

My inspiration
There came a point in the corporate world when I either needed a haircut or a new job so...
Guilty pleasure
My Nana's stuffing. Not taken in moderation
And finally...
The dumbest thing I do? Motorcycling around New York City