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Chris M

Instructor, Boston

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Chestnut Hill Downtown
I’m here to kick ass and eat altoids, and we just ran out of altoids.

As a former athlete, I’ve always been inspired by the advantages people can gain by training to become stronger and faster. And I’ve worked with so many people who have amazed themselves.

One of the greatest parts about training for me is that there’s no limit. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been sofa surfing for years — or competing at the Olympics — I’m here to help you get that much better!

I keep a fast pace in class and bump a good hip-hop/trap remix to help you keep up, so join me and get ready to work hard.

My inspiration
None of us are perfect and we will all leave here better than we walked in.
Favorite day for class
Today! If you keep waiting until tomorrow, so will your fitness goals.
Certifications & credentials
CSCS from the NSCA.