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San Diego
High on sweat!

Where did this myth come from that men lift and women do cardio? After years of two hour gym trips and two-a-days on the elliptical and treadmill, I decided to abandon the chronic steady state cardio “plan.” I discovered Barry’s when it first opened in San Diego, and I was amazed by how much stronger, faster, and empowered I felt! I believe that fitness is great for your body, but even better for your mind and soul. I encourage all of the Barry’s family to sweat and laugh together. My fast-paced classes and bumping music will help you reach outside of your comfort zone. Prepare to have you mind blown.

My inspiration
My dog, Gus!
Favorite day for class
Booty Tuesday!
My superpower
I look nice and sweet, but in class I can make you cry inside. As one #BarrysBabe described, “Evil Tinkerbell”