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Brittany W

Instructor, Boston

Extraordinary people live their lives backwards. They create a future, and then they live into it

I’ve been an athlete my whole life, so the drive to push myself and the people around me has always been a part of my DNA. I was the captain of the Boston College Women’s Lacrosse team and went on to work with a commercial real estate firm for four years. During that time, I learned that Boston is driven by an incredible sense of community and work ethic, and it inspired me. I decided to make my passion for fitness my full time career and haven’t looked back since.

My inspiration
The people in my life who have a good perspective on what life is all about. I'm lucky to have awesome friends and family, they are my inspiration in everything I do.
Dream Barry’s location
Montauk. I grew up on Long Island and Montauk will forever be my favorite place on earth.
Class music style
Fire Jams only