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West Hollywood
Hate me now, love me later!

I started modeling at 14 years old, so I felt the pressure early on to be the perfect size — but the truth is, it’s not about size — it’s about health and strength. Barry’s Bootcamp changed my body and I’m honored to help others find the same confidence.

Whether your goal is to be lean and toned, or build some crazy muscles, I’ll get you there. My workouts are addictive, innovative, and the results speak for themselves. I believe we all can become confident and happy within our own skin. I train everyone from top models, actors and tv personalities, to everyday clients that just want to feel better about the way they look in a swimsuit. I take each client on with open arms, trust, and a drive to push them to be their best.

My inspiration
I love to see the Hollywood sign... everyone has dreams and out here, we make them happen!