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Instructor, London

Don't be afraid of being a beginner!

It was love at first squat.

I was living in LA  — working as an actress and model — when I found Barry’s. That was it, I was in! I headed to London and I’ve been involved here since day one, helping set things up and working as a master instructor, as well as training the new Barry’s talent.

No apologies, I’m fierce… and I don’t take any nonsense in class. You’ll love me for it though, as you’ll get the best out of your class every time.

My inspiration
My Barry's clients. Whether you're an athlete or a complete newbie, your successes are mine!
My ‘last sprint’ mantra
My death stare will help you cross the finish line, I don't need to say anything!
Favorite day for class
Chest, Back and Abs. There's nothing like a sexy back!
And finally...
I used to be in a girlband. Expect a few song and dance breaks when I put the mic on!