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Allie W.

Instructor, Illinois & Chicago

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Lincoln Park River North
Don’t wait for opportunity. Create it!

I’m a California native who grew up running track and cross country. After getting my B.S.
in Biology at UC Berkeley, I found my true passion in fitness and have been teaching classes for
the last three years. A long-time Barry’s fan, I was so happy for Barry’s to come to Chicago and
am excited to continue building the Barry’s community. My motto is that change and progress
happen outside the comfort zone – so let’s jam out to some crazy beats and push to higher

My inspiration
That moment when we’re all booty bouncin’ to the same beat.
Favorite day for class
Butt and Legs - This butt isn’t going to lift itself!
My ‘last sprint’ mantra
"You’ve already been through the fire and back, now is not the time to hold back."