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I love the transformative power of exercise, not only physically but mentally. As a former collegiate athlete, marathon runner, and overall workout junkie, fitness has always been my way of life.  After becoming a mom I had to find new strength and fought hard to get back into shape, which led me to training other people on their fitness journeys.


Since joining the Barry’s family, I’ve found a new fitness community that inspires me daily.  It never gets easier in the red room, you just get better each time you step through those doors and we work our asses off together!


Los Angeles

South Bay, Venice


All the Fit Mommas out there and my son who always keeps me on my toes!

Favourite Day

Butt and Leg day of course! I lived in Brazil and am all about the Brazilian booty!

Guilty Pleasure

Wine and Gummy Bears (usually not together!)

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