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AJ Blankenship

Instructor, New York & Westchester

The limit does not exist.

I’ve always been completely obsessed with athletics and discovering all of the super-human capabilities we possess. Mastering movement has always been the driving force throughout my entire life. Having been a competitive gymnast, collegiate cheerleader, and Broadway dancer  I couldn’t help but fall in love with fitness and helping others find their competitive side. Barry’s delivers the most effective and efficient workout I’ve ever done. I see it as a combination of athletic movement in a fun unique environment with a community of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. All of these elements makes Barry’s my dream place to work. With my experience and happy-go-lucky spirit, you’ll find my classes to be fluid, ferocious, and fun!

My inspiration
Happiness! Life is a crazy ride and a precious gift and I want to be smiling the whole way through!
My superpower
flipping giant pancakes sky- high
Dream Barry’s location
Right here in NYC, the greatest city in the world!