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Sweat Now, Fuel Later.

So you’ve just finished your workout and the first thing you want to do is probably stretch and shower.
WRONG! Stretch then smoothie is more like it. And why do it at our amazing Fuel Bar!

Did you know that consuming a protein smoothie immediately post workout will enhance the benefits of your class? When you push through an intense workout like Barry’s, your muscle fibers begin to break down and endure damage.

To repair and rebuild those fibers, a process called, “muscle protein synthesis” or “building muscle protein”needs to happen. What this means is, once you consume a protein smoothie your body uses amino acids from the protein and then moves your body to maximum restoration.

Sipping on a “Green Latifah” or maybe it’s a “Matcha Made in Heaven” post workout, or at least within 30 minutes, can help decrease muscular soreness and better immune response. You’ll recover faster and actually gain more strength.

On The Run After Class?

Not to worry, pre-order your shake so it’s waiting for you after class.
If you put in the hardwork why not put in the fuel to keep your body going.