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Meet a Legend

Claire: The Athlete As a former collegiate athlete, I crave the camaraderie of a team. At Barry’s there is an immediate sense of community, motivation and the energy is palpable … Continued

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What’s On Our Playlist: Donald Romain’s Pride Jams

I am so excited to put together a Pride-themed playlist for Barry’s. I really wanted to include a collection of music that represents the LGBTQ community and how much strength … Continued

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7 Tips for Surviving a 7 Day Challenge

Switch it Up Start on floor one day, tread the next. Listen to your body as the week goes on. It’s not always about how heavy you lift or how … Continued

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Barry’s CEO Joey Gonzalez: What Pride Means to Me

Pride. The definition is: a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements, or the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated. But to me, it … Continued

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New Website Features

We felt it was time for a little spring cleaning… so, here’s everything you need to know about our brand new site.

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All 4 Models, Spring Training

Get in Formation With Barry’s Spring Training

It’s officially body season. Time to train harder, move faster, be better. Welcome to Spring Training. Some of our favorite instructors test drove the collection. Here’s what they had to say…

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Charlie Mejia, featured image

What’s On Our Playlist: San Francisco Instructor Charlie Mejia’s ‘Make or Break’ Beats

San Francisco instructor Charlie Mejia's energy in the studio is matched only by his great tunes! For him, there's nothing better than plowing through that 12.5 run right when the beat drops. Here are a few hot tracks that have...

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Astrid - FuelBar_Blog

Get Ready for Barry’s Fuel Bar 2.0

From the Skinny B*tch to Lemonade Lipo, and from Green Latifah to Detox Elixir… our brand new Fuel Bar menu rolls out today in NYC and LA. So, we asked a few of our instructors about what fuels them.

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What’s On Our Playlist: Anya Lahiri’s Secret Weapons

Music makes or breaks a class for London instructor Anya Lahiri. Here are some of her top tunes for pushing you through those last squats and pulses.

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How To Make The Barry’s Fuel Bar Chocolate PB Shake

Insider tip: A protein smoothie within 30-minutes of your workout help you recover faster, and get stronger. Watch how the New York Fuel Bar team makes their Chocolate PB shakes. … Continued

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