Barrys Bootcamp

Why Barry's Bootcamp Works?

The Culture

Barry’s Bootcamp created an honest, no nonsense workout program which has attracted a legendary following of loyal enlistees, including Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez, Ali Larter, Christina Applegate, Allison Sweeney, Kim Kardashian, Taye Diggs, Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, David Chokachi, Katie Holmes, Chris Noth, Amy Smart and many more. Even Bob Harper, a former Barry’s Bootcamp Instructor, and Jillian Michaels have been bringing their Biggest Loser contestants to Barry’s for years. It was designed around one simple goal- to create The Best Workout in the World and has remained “Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret... “

The BBC community fosters a “can do” attitude and provides people with the strength and power necessary to take fitness to the next level. Enlistees enjoy the refreshing honesty of a workout program that pushes them beyond their usual threshold. It also provides the tools to transform your body so that anyone at any age or fitness level can recapture their youthful vitality.

The Science Behind it All

Strength Training

Like Pilates, yoga is an excellent toning tool, and beginners can make significant strength gains. But as you get stronger, you will ultimately reach a point where you need to push your muscles a bit harder to continue building lean muscle tissue. And the only way to do that is with weights. To shape up and get fit, building muscle tissue is essential. Because of dipping hormone and activity levels, a woman typically starts losing about half a pound of muscle a year during her perimenopausal (30s-40s) years. That loss can jump to a pound a year once she hits menopause.

Muscle tissue burns about 15 times as many calories as fat, even when you're not exercising, so as your lean muscle diminishes, your metabolism (your body's calorie-burning ability) drops. If you do nothing to stem the loss, you could wake up on your 65th birthday and find that you have lost half of your lean body mass and replaced it with twice as much fat!

Interval Cardiovascular Execrcise

Most people go to the gym, turn their cardio machinery on and continue at the same speed or resistance for approximately 30 minutes. Although this benefits the heart and lungs, it does not optimally burn fat with the same efficiency as interval training.

The reason High Intensity Interval Training works better for fat loss is this: When you do a cardio session at the same pace the whole time, your body goes into what is called steady state. This means that your body has adjusted itself to the speed you are going and tries hard to conserve energy (calories). You will be able to avoid this and burn more calories and FAT by doing the interval training.

At Barry’s Bootcamp, your Instructor will design a treadmill routine with various speeds and inclines to accomplish this beneficial type of cardio.
Benefits of cardiovascular conditioning include improved energy levels, lower blood pressure, increased HDL (good cholesterol) levels, reduced risk of heart disease and improved endurance.

Indoor Bootcamp

Barry’s Bootcamp was the first indoor Bootcamp concept of its kind. We recognized the importance of offering an effective and convenient program that runs 7 days a week 365 days a year. There is an average of 10 classes per day, beginning around 5AM and running almost every hour until 8PM. The facility is incredibly clean and exclusive, catering to well-heeled clientele looking to get the results of a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost.

“Best Celebrity Workout” – LOS ANGELES MAGAZINE
“Best Workout”- SHAPE MAGAZINE
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Most Outstanding Gym Winner- Nicky Awards 2009
Best Bootcamp Winner- Best of San Diego 2009 SD Magazine
Best Bootcamp Top 3 Winner-  10 Alist
Best Health Club/Gym Nominee- San Diego’s Best Union Tribune 2009