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Astrid McGuire
Astrid McGuire Astrid McGuire

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Astrid is a highly sought-after Los Angeles based personal trainer, fitness model and athlete, who is committed to helping people of various levels of fitness be their best, while looking good and feeling great. Whether your goal is to be lean and toned, or build some crazy muscles, Astrid will get you there. Her workouts are addictive, innovative and the results speak for themselves. Astrid's personality will put you at ease when you train with her; she has a way about her, even during the most intense moments of your workout, that will make you smile. She prides herself on making her workouts inventive, fun and never wasting your time.

Astrid believes we all can become confident and happy within our own skin. She trains everyone from top models, actors and tv personalities getting ready for a shoot, to everyday clients that just want to feel better about themselves and the way they look in a swim suit. She takes each one on with open arms, trust and a drive to push them to be their best.