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Tread. Floor.

Tread. Floor.

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You are viewing pricing and packages for San Francisco - Marina.

If you would like to view a different studio, please change your preferred location here.

San Francisco Classes are valid for redemption only at the San Francisco studios, inclusive of future San Francisco locations. They are non-refundable and expire one (1) year after purchase.
San Francisco Barry's FIRST Class Single
San Francisco - (1) Class
San Francisco - (5) Classes
San Francisco - (10) Classes
San Francisco - (25) Classes
San Francisco - (50) Classes
San Francisco MVP (50) Classes
SF Memberships are valid for redemption in SF studios only. If you want a Barry's body, it's best to commit. Decide how often you'll come and sign up for a monthly membership to match. Your membership begins when you take the 1st class, and the maximum number of classes you can take in a month is either 12 with the Barry's Star or 30 with each Barry's Legend option. A $15 no show fee applies to all membership types if you do not cancel a reserved spot prior to 12 hours before your class time.
Barry's Star (12 classes in 30 days)
Barry's Legend (1-Mo. = 30 classes in 30 days)
Barry's Legend (3-Month)
Barry's Legend (6-Month - $425 per month)
Please note the 90 Minute Single Class can not be applied to any other scheduled class. Classes are non-refundable within 24 hours of scheduled start time and are non-transferable.
90 Minute Single Class

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We currently have studios in Southern California, Northern California, New York City, The Hamptons, Miami Beach, Nashville, Boston, London and Norway with more locations coming soon. Want a Barry's near you? Tell us where! Also be sure to check out our full line of merchandise and DVDs to get your sweat on at home.

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