Natalie Raitano

Natalie Raitano
Natalie Raitano Natalie Raitano

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Master Instructor Natalie Raitano is one of the original Barry’s Bootcamp Instructors and has been a part of the team since it’s founding. You may also recognize her from her stand-out role on the hit show VIP (1998-2002). Natalie believes that fitness is the most important tool to living your best life, and that a strong body is the path to a strong spirit. One look at her and it is clear that she practices what she preaches!

To each class, Natalie brings a firm hand and a fun attitude. With outside-the-box exercises that you might not see coming, you will be entertained while you sweat. Her music mixes hip-hop hits with today’s catchiest pop songs, and her motivating attitude will make your workout and body reach new heights. She is passionate about what she does and considers it a gift to teach the amazing clients at Barry’s Bootcamp, and she will make you passionate, too!